The visualizations on this page are from our publication "International Electronic Health Record-Derived COVID-19 Clinical Course Profile: The 4CE Consortium" (see npj Digital Medicine journal).

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Demographics by Country and Sex

The number of patients by country and sex

The plot on this page displays the number of patients by country, sex, and age group.

How to use

  • Country or sex can be selected using the drop down menu below the plot.

  • Multiple countries can be selected by clicking on the color legends with the shift button.

  • To download the figure click the button with the ellipsis in the top right corner and choose either “Save as SVG” or “Save as PNG”. The figure will be saved reflecting the current state.


In some cases, the data reported by sites contained outliers or possibly incorrect units. These values were not removed from the visualizations to maintain the integrity of the data.

This website and its contents herein, including all data, visualization, and analysis, is provided to the public strictly for academic research purposes. The data has numerous limitations and confounders that need to be better evaluated as more data is acquired. Reliance on this website for medical guidance or clinical judgement is strictly prohibited.

Source Code

The code used to generate the plots on this page can be found in the covidclinical/visualization-notebooks GitHub repository.